If you get the munchies in Milwaukee and you're looking for some big food, I've got the perfect place for you to check out.

Looking For Munchies In Wisconsin

Milwaukee is the perfect place to be when you get the munchies because you can find a lot of delicious comfort food there. When you look at the signature foods in Wisconsin, none of them will end up on a healthy food menu. They're all about the taste and not the waist.

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Wisconsin Is Known For Its Cheese

One of Wisconsin's nicknames is America's Dairyland. They are all about the cheese up there. Think about it, they're called Cheeseheads. When you cross the Cheddar Curtain, I think it's a requirement to stop by one of their famous cheese stores. The bars and restaurants take it to the next level by frying their cheese or what you might call cheese curds. In the same category but a little under the radar are equally delicious mozzarella sticks.

Wisconsin's World-Famous Foot-Long Mozzarella Sticks

This is the perfect Wisconsin food. It's cheese that's big and fried. How could you go wrong? They are a foot long and as thick as the handle of a baseball bat. Say goodbye to the munchies when you order them. You can find these at Alphonso's The Original Pizzaria just outside of Milwaukee in West Allis. One is just $10, which considering the size seems like a great deal. Don't forget to order extra sauce because you'll need it.

According to alphonsostheoriginal.com,

Our Mozzarella Sticks are Handmade using Wisconsin’s
​Finest Mozzarella and Breaded with an Exquisite Herb Seasoning. ​Paired with our Homemade Signature Pizza Sauce.

Amazing Southern Wisconsin Restaurants Featured on the Food Network

Wouldn't it be the absolute best if tomorrow started with someone saying to you, "you are fantastic on so many levels." How's that sound?

Gallery Credit: Steve Shannon

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