This lady is lucky she knows an attorney, because she's going to need one.

38-year-old Reena Sanders is a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. On Monday, she led police on a high-speed pursuit, reaching speeds of 80mph in a 45mph zone midchase.

She didn't stop there. When she finally hit 90mph, she fishtailed and nearly crashed, which gave police the opportunity to box her car in and pull her out of the car at gunpoint.

So, she name dropped a few people she's rubbed elbows with, perhaps in case the cops would be impressed they were in her presence and let her go? Sanders told officers she hangs out with Owen Wilson, Ryan Reynolds, and The Rock.

On the way to jail, she didn't ask, but demanded they order some pizza.

She's facing charges of reckless driving, DUI, resisting arrest, and drug possession (they found edibles in her purse).

Sanders was released on $56,000 and maintains she's 100% innocent.

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