You can have a sleepover in a submarine at a Wisconsin museum.

It's talked about all the time. 2020 is a crazy year. Nothing normal is happening. You have to think in a creative way to come up with things to do. People have come up with amazing ideas. Here's the next one.

Many families have canceled their annual vacations this year. No trips to Disney, the Grand Canyon, or the beach. That doesn't mean you can't do anything. There's just a new game plan needed.

Things like stay-cations or day trips are becoming popular. Maybe even pull an overnighter somewhere close where you wouldn't normally do it. Lots of people from Illinois are taking advantage of our neighbor states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana for their attractions.

I've heard about staying overnight at some unique locations including zoo, museum, ballpark, and arenas. The Chicago Bulls even did one at the United Center. This one is pretty darn interesting. You can a sleepover in a submarine That definitely sounds fun.

According to,

"You can now stay overnight in a World War II submarine, thanks to a new experience from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The museum, located in Manitowoc, announced "Sub Bnb," an overnight experience on the USS Cobia. You can book the USS Cobia on AirBnB's website. The rate goes for $500 a night for up to five guests."

It's hilariously that you actually book it through AirBnB.

For more info, HERE.

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