There was a time when I wanted to be a boxer. Yeah, me. Of course I was six years old and was eating boogers just a couple of years earlier. At that time, I just figured you punched and didn't really think about the whole getting punched part. I know I'm not alone though. When Rocky (1976) was released, every boy or man who saw it immediately went home and chugged three raw eggs and looked for a side of beef to punch. To this day, that movie gets me all choked up. It only takes the first ten notes of "Gonna Fly Now" for me to feel invincible. By the way, the franchise 2006 finale Rocky Balboa is an excellent movie, on par with the first. Still inspirational but from another perspective.

As a pudgy disc jockey with a hairline that showcases God's sense of humor, it's obvious I did not go down that path. Boxing's popularity has waned and MMA fights are all the rage...occasionally in a cage (yes, that was a killer rhyme). It's not just a man's world either. Women have come to the party. And they have come to kick ass.

Last Saturday, Leslie Smith entered the ring with two ears but left with about one-and-a-half. The UFC bantamweight from California was fighting Jessica Eye in Mexico City. Smith was sporting a nice cauliflower ear, and Eye was aiming for it. In the beginning moments of the second round, Eye met ear. With fury. Check out the cringe worthy video:


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