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In the words of Corey Anderson himself...

"Time to right my wrongs. 1st step to @bellatormma gold begins Nov 5th." 

Roscoe native Corey Anderson appears more than ready to return to the fight game and make a huge impact.

November 5th, Corey will take on Melvin Manhoef in the Light Heavyweight Main Event. For information about watching on CBS Sports Network Click Here.

At 31 years old, the Hononegah High School grad, Corey is looking to work his way back to the top. You win some and you lose some in the fight game, but if you get back up and win again...the loss is nothing but a bad memory.

Back in February following his last UFC fight, Corey had a very scary situation happen. He was out for a walk and blacked out. Corey Anderson fell to the gravel road and was out. Thankfully Corey has fully recovered for that scary black out episode, and is back in the game. Essential Sports

Best of luck to Corey "Overtime" Anderson on November 5th.

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