Ever find yourself having to borrow somebody else's charger? You probably have that happen a lot, most people do! However, experts are warning people about borrowing a random cord to get your charge on.

Turns out charging cables can hack your devices. I mean, it makes total sense. Apparently it's possible to modify a normal charger to make it a hacking cable

FOX 32 details -

While you might think the technology required to modify a charging cable would be expensive, it’s not, and once you’re exposed, it’s fairly easy for the hacker to get a hold of your information. A hacker that goes by “MG” was selling an iPhone lightning cable called the “O.MG Cable” for $200 that can take control of any Mac computer, remotely gaining access to passwords and sensitive information. According to his website, once the cable is plugged into a computer or phone, it can be controlled through a wireless network that is built inside the cable. “MG” adds that as soon as he is able to gain access to the information he needs, he can kill any traces of evidence that it existed on your device at all.

As scary as this sounds, it isn't a widespread threat just yet. However, news travels quickly. So once hackers learn about this, it will become a bigger issue. So beware who you grab a charge from!

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