How many pizza rolls do you think you could make in this?

Photo - Nick Fosberg
Photo - Nick Fosberg

While scrolling through Facebook I found a pretty interesting "for sale" that I think would look great in The Eagle kitchen, a full sized restaurant style pizza oven.

So much pizza is consumed on a daily and yearly basis in America that:

  • The average pizza place in America uses 55 boxes a day
  • The highest grossing pizza place in America eats up $6 Million a year
  • 36% of pizzas ordered include pepperoni
  • The Average person eats 46 slices a year
  • Women order veggies on pizza more than men
  • 36% of people think pizza is a good breakfast
  • 3 Billion Pizza's are sold in the US each year

Yes sir, America loves it's pizza and now you can own this legit pizza oven which is for sale in Loves Park.

Anyone looking for a pizza oven?? $3500 blodgette. Inbox me interested. - Nick Fosberg

Click on the name if you wanna add this beauty to your home, business, or buy it for The Eagle.





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