Occasionally you'll catch a misssspelling around town.

Lincoln Middle School Rockford
Peggy Balentyne via Facebook

Thankfully we have a software that corrects or spelling on here. Sometimes it misses a word or two but that's o.k.

I have seen words misspelled on marquee signs around town, neons, etc and it's always good for a chuckle.

According to Bright Side here are some great public signs that include misspellings and some odd wording:

  • So Fun They Won't Even Know Their Learning (Lego)
  • Imagine More Snacks Than you can Imagine  (AM/PM)
  • We Remember all That Have Served hot Breakfast (Days Inn)
  • Take One Capsule by Mouth Nightly 3 Hours Before Ded (Target Pharmacy)
  • Van Camp's Porn & Beans (British Paper)




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