See it's stuff like this why we can't have nice things.

The Loves Park Street Department is asking for help finding a truck that caused some damage this weekend.

Recently the "Yield to Pedestrians" sign at Garden Plain and Riverside Blvd. was replaced by the City due to damage.

If you're familiar with the area it's right there by Wantz Park, which is really busy this time of year because of the kids that attend camp there. So a sign reminding drivers of those that may be crossing is necessary.

After replacing the old sign, officials were hoping they wouldn't have to do so again for a while.

They were also hoping the damage being done to the sign wasn't being done intentionally.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

This Saturday, July 13th at around 5:30 pm traffic cameras caught a truck purposely running them over and damaging them.  They have posted a picture of the truck online and are asking for help locating it because the license plates were not visible.

If you do happen to recognize this vehicle please contact the Street Department Manager at 815-654-5040.

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