Rockford native Fred VanVleet has been killing it on the basketball court, so much so that the NBA on ESPN thinks he would be a good Monstar. 

That's not a typo, a MonSTAR, not a monster.

In case you're not familiar with the Monstars, they are the villains in the best movie ever made about basketball, Space Jam.

The original movie starred Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in 1996 and for years we've heard there would be a sequel.

Now that's a reality, and the new movie is expected to be released in 2021 and will star LeBron James and we're guessing also Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny ages pretty well, so he'll probably be on the court again.

But who will play the Monstars???? NBA on ESPN thinks our hometown bud should be a part about of the new movie.

Honestly, Fred is the only guy I know on the list but I'm so for it!

He taught me to shoot three pointers one day, I'll always cheer him on!

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