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No one plans on getting cancer. Unfortunately my wife’s Aunt is in a battle that started today with Chemo. Watching my wife cry hurt.. knowing Lisa was nervous didn’t make me feel well either. Nobody plans financially for cancer. Lisa believes she’ll be able to work because she is a fighter. There are going to be some dark days ahead though unfortunately. Let’s ban together and help our family and friend out during these times! Mortgage payments still due and wigs to be bought... anything that will bring a smile to Lisa! Well all love her! Let’s be here for Lisa Newman just like she would be for us! - Chris Wehmeyer


Lisa is a 55 year old very loving mother that has raised many children, including nieces and nephews, though she only has one biological son. To say she has a big heart would be an understatement. She is a young fighter whom just after spending a beautiful Mother’s Day with her family, later was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Lisa a hard worker-I have never known her to work less than 3 jobs at a time. She is also a fighter and believes she is going to be able to work through all of this, we’re praying she can. With medical bills piling up and cost of treatment being asinine we are hesitantly asking if you can help, even a little. We know times are hard for many, including my very own house. We really do appreciate any and all help that you can offer-including those who have messaged donating wigs. Thank you! We are one strong unit so we do know one way or another we will get to the other side of this, but we know we will need your help getting there. We are staying positive and know that “this too shall pass”. We thank you for listening and appreciate anything you can do. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, but we will eventually be raffling baskets and will take any kind of donation.
Through the darkness we choose to only see the light.
If you would like to make a donation to help out Lisa, CLICK HERE. Thank you.

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