I was heading north off of an exit yesterday, getting ready to merge onto 251. With a car in front of me, I made a sudden stop. Apparently it was time to take a family walk, and I needed to wait.

Out of the grass to my right, comes a gaggle of geese...So many! So we patiently waited as the geese walked across the exit ramp...But now what? As I passed by I watched in my rear view as they headed towards the median on a busy curve. Oh no!

So I quickly got off on Forrest Hills so I can swing back around and see if they were o.k. By the time I got all the way back to that same spot, the gaggle made the wise choice to head back towards the grass.

So what do you do in this situation? Do I call the police, animal control, fire department?

There are geese and turkey all over the place down there, wandering around. What would you do in this situation:


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