Bryan Johnston was recently released from his job at Dunkin' Donuts, which he claims was because of the video he posted showing himself handing out the donuts that were supposed to go to waste to the homeless population in his area.

It began when Johnston shared a video exposing the amount of waste the restaurant has at the end of the day, where they pitch all of the day's donuts.

@bryanjohnston_every night ... 312 donuts + munchkins 😢@dunkin♬ In This House - Marcus Vinicius Alfaro Nascimento

"I got fired because corporate apparently contacted my manager about the video, and she went and fired me. Today was really, really hard because I love making videos for you guys. I made videos giving donuts to the firemen and the homeless, and I'm pretty sure that's what got me fired. Clearly, Dunkin' doesn't want me to people to see they're throwing away that many donuts, just because they don't want to pay people to give them to the homeless," he said.

@bryanjohnston_ Reply to @meza_melissa_ If u want to support me, links are in bio. I wanted the truth about Dunkin shared, it costed my job :( wont stop making vids❤️ ♬ Worship Instrumental - Instrumental - Adrian Jonathan

Now, if you go and look at Johnston's profile, the previous video directly before the "donuts in the can" video, you'll see he plays a game of "2 Truths and a Lie."

In the video, the three options are:

  • "We have lead in our matcha (which causes birth defects)
  • "We can make pink drinks here too"
  • "We make our own donuts"

He then shows that the lie is that the company makes its own donuts, meaning he's also claiming that one of their drink has lead, obviously a toxic material.

Between "I gave end-of-days donuts to the homeless" and "My company is lying about their donuts and is poisoning our customers," I think we know why he was actually fired.

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