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Things will look quite a bit different with the 2021 Polar Plunge for Special Olympics of Illinois. There will be no mass gathering at Olson Lake, no KISS makeup, no pro wrestling masks for the 96.7 The Eagle team...but, we will make the most out of this "not the norm" Polar Plunge.

Here's the concept for the 2021 Polar Plunge. You are asked to put together a team, raise at least $100 for Special Olympics of Illinois, and MAKE A VIDEO of you and your team doing "something" with cold water. You know our video will be over the top, the fact that we have already spoke with legal experts about our video, gives you a little something to look forward to. Freezing for a reason? You can bet we will be.

We would like to receive your donations for the 96.7 The Eagle Polar Plunge team. CLICK HERE to kick us down a few bucks. It doesn't matter if it's $50, $20, or even $5 we appreciate what you can do, and we will take this "different" plunge to all new freezing cold levels.

Our video will include action, suspense, terrible acting, guest stars, and yes...Double T and Captain Jack ending up in ice cold water.

Please support our "Polar Plunge," create your own video, and do what you can for Special Olympics of Illinois.


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