Warning: some NSFW audio.

When he was writing Inferno, Dante probably never imagined asphalt roads or automobiles, but navigating one of his circles of hell probably looked like this.

Currently there are multiple enormous wildfires affecting America's western states, and one of the biggest is a 50,000-acre monster in Northern California. The Valley fire in Lake County has destroyed homes and razed property, requiring 1,400 firefighters to try to contain it.

One resident of the area, living in Anderson Springs, had to drive his way out of the blaze, and he filmed his treacherous attempt to weave among the gigantic flames that are just everywhere.

"We are the last house at the very back of the Springs, down in a gulch," the video-taker explained in the comments. "There was no smoke or ash coming our way, and there were no sirens or air support nearby, so we honestly didn't know how close [the fire] was."

It may not look like it at first glance, but he was probably incredibly lucky he made it out, even if, as he says, "we did wait way too long to get out." Better late than never, which in this case may have been all too accurate.

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