This year at the Durand Biker Bash and Chili Shoot Out, Double T dressed like a giant pepper and even did some singing.

When you make the trip out to Durand, you never know what to exactly expect. The only thing you know for sure. You're going to have a great time, but you will probably see something unusual.

This year, the Durand Biker Bash and Chili Shoot Out was no exception. It was an awesome time. The weather was perfect, beers were flowing, chili was delicious, and the bands were rocking!

There was the fun part, so what about seeing something unusual.

For some reason, I decided to wear a "Giant Pepper" costume.

Capt Jack & Giant Pepper

It just seemed like a perfect fit, chili contest and giant pepper.

Of course, I had to mix and mingle with the people of Durand. That means hanging out with their most famous resident, Scott Bryden AKA Scotty B Ryden. Luckily, the Evil Knievel suit was close by.

Double T & Scotty B Ryden
Double T & Scotty B Ryden

Wearing the "Giant Pepper" outfit was fun, but I really wanted to do something special.

Wayland was the headlining band. I've been friends with those guys for a long time, so they invited to come hang out on their tour bus. Of course, I was dressed like a "Giant Pepper."

Then, the idea hit me. I should serenade Wayland with one of their songs. Here's how it went. Hope you enjoy it.

Video: Double T Dressed As Giant Pepper Serenades Wayland At Durand Biker Bash.

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