So I've always been a night owl. Staying up late is just something I've always done.

Whether it was because I couldn't sleep, got busy working on something and lost track of time, or because I was working.

Even now with kids, I find it hard to fall asleep at a decent hour.

The other night it was pretty late and I couldn't sleep so I thought maybe some television might do the trick to take me to dreamland.

I don't have cable, haven't for a while, so I put it on the Escape channel (39-3). I ended up dozing off for a brief time because when I woke up again I was looking at Larry King interviewing another man instead of what I was originally watching.

Realizing it was an infomercial, I was just going to shut it off and go back to bed when the name Durand, Illinois came up on the screen.

I've seen plenty of infomercials in my day but never has a city so close to home popped up.

The fact that this man giving a testimonial was so close to home still isn't going to make me buy OmegaXL, but it's still kinda cool to see on the tube when you can't sleep.

I found his 30-sec testimonial on

Has anyone else seen this on TV? Comment below.

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