The movie, Aloha, was released on May 29, 2015. A billboard in Chicago hosted the poster for over a year and grew a huge following.

That was until last Friday, when the Aloha billboard was finally taken down. The billboard used to live in the Logan Square neighborhood and was more popular than the film itself.

Despite the stars of the movie, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams, Aloha was critically panned and very controversial.

However, the Aloha billboard was very popular. You need to have a sense of humor to understand the popularity and why it's funny.

There was a Tumblr account devoted to the poster, many photos have popped up on Instagram, and even a Facebook event was created.

Sadly, the Facebook event that was planned as a celebration set for one year after the release of Aloha has now been changed to a vigil mourning the loss of Logan's Square beloved billboard.

It got me thinking, is there a billboard in town that has been up for ages that needs to be taken down, or updated? Let me know!