Starting August 29, the billboards you normally see in Chicago will look a whole lot different.

Billboards can be awesome and annoying all that the same time.

Advertisements for all sorts of things litter the city streets in order to convince you to shop at a certain store, purchase a certain item or believe in a certain religion.

Sometimes, you will see quite a creative billboard that will make you laugh to yourself as you continue your morning commute.

Then the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that... the billboard starts to lose it's humor. Now it's just annoying. Now you feel like it's looking at you, grinning, while you sit in traffic wanting to pull your hair out.

Honestly, I'm so over billboards.

Chicago is going to change the way that you look at billboards.

Starting on August 29 and running until September 25, modern art will be displayed on all 28 of Chicago's digital billboards, according to the Chicagoist.

The event titled "Override: A Billboard Project" is being presented by The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art.

There are fifteen artists in total that will be features, seven of them from Chicago.

This will be something I will absolutely have to see.