The state of Illinois lost its popular Disney Store but gained a massive candy store, so does Illinois win that trade?

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Disney Is Very Popular In Illinois

I've been a big fan of Disney theme parks, movies, shows, toys, and shirts since I was a little kid. In fact, I still enjoy it, especially Marvel and Star Wars specials on Disney Plus.

Jasmine Kamel via Facebook
Jasmine Kamel via Facebook

Disney Stores In Illinois Were Always Busy

I remember when Disney started opening up stores throughout the United States. Up to that point, the only place you could pick up merchandise from your favorite character was at Disney World or Land. Fans would rush to add items to their collections. It seemed like a very safe business.

Disney Store Celebrates Opening Of Newly Designed Store
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The Internet Knocked Disney Stores Off The Top 

All of a sudden, you get all the same stuff on the internet without the hassle of taking your kids to the mall. Parents loved it and so did the kids. Then the once-popular Disney Stores started closing their mall locations. That was sad news for the old-school fans.

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Illinois' Top Disney Store Location Closes Permanently

The flagship Disney Store in Illinois was located on Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificant Mile in Chicago. Recently, this famous location closed its doors permanently leaving a large hole in this popular shopping neighborhood.

Disney Store Replacement Is An Upgrade

The closing of this Disney Store is devasting to the area and it seemed unlikely to find a replacement to fill those big shoes. Luckily, an opportunity came along and I believe it's a trade-up.

I understand that Disney is popular all over the world, but I'm sorry, candy beats out the mouse.

According to,

"The massive 11,400-square-foot sweets emporium is set to open April 7, just in time for filling Easter baskets."


"It takes over the former Disney flagship store on the Mag Mile in what the candy company calls a “retail-tainment experience,” providing a real sugar rush with curated shopping stations, large candy-made installations (like a replica of the Chicago skyline made entirely out of jelly beans!) and immersive pop-ups that make it a true candy land."


“Candy reaches at the heart of nostalgia and reminds people of better, sweeter times … when we didn’t have all this horrific strife in the world.”

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