I use the Auburn and Main roundabout daily, and apparently I've been doing it wrong this entire time and I bet you have too.

A roundabout is a traffic circle that you enter on the right, yield, and then exit where you need to go. But there's one little piece you are probably missing.

Did you know that when you are exiting the roundabout, you are supposed to use your right turn signal? As stated in this graphic below, using your right turn signal to exit the roundabout is required. Do you ever see anyone do that?


Lake County Division of Transportation
Lake County Division of Transportation


Signal right and exit? I guess it does make sense, you are letting all the cars around you know that you are exiting. But have you ever followed this rule?

I am guilty of getting ticked at a driver in front of me not using a turn signal on a normal, straight road. But his roundabout knowledge, mind blown.

Enter, yield, find your exit and use your right turn signal. I once almost got pinned by a Pepsi truck, and I think this video below might actually be Double T:

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