I get almost killed every morning in the Auburn Roundabout.These things are not that difficult people! I was in Phili a few years back and they have a Roundabout that is like 6 Roundabouts connected. Now that thing was scary. But a normal one, like the Auburn Roundabout is a piece of cake.


According to Omnni here are 7 Things you Should Know Before Entering a Roundabout.

  • Pick appropriate lane before you enter a roundabout
  • Yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • Yield to the traffic on the left
  • Give large trucks the space they need
  • The inner paved circle of the roundabout is for truck use
  • Do not switch lanes while in the roundabout
  • Do not stop in the roundabout

Pay attention to those around you, please. Roundabouts are a good thing that keeps the flow going.


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