A town in Alabama made an insane law.

Uppercut, Getty Images

I spent a good part of my childhood mowing lawns. Five bucks here, ten bucks there for bigger lawns. I never really minded it one bit, easy work and I got to be outside.

For the low, low price of $110 a kid can mow lawns at $10 a pop all summer. Makes total sense right? Lawn care services were getting upset that there business was getting taken away by little Bobby and Suzy.

According to the Mayor Stan Hogeland of Gardendale, Alabama:

I would love to have something on our books that gave a more favorable response to that student out there cutting grass. And see if there’s maybe a temporary license during the summer months that targets teenagers.

O.K., so our beloved state. Could you see this happening in Illinois? Personally I feel sorta guilty typing this blog, I hope this doesn't lead to anyone getting any wise ideas in Illinois.




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