We could get some pretty nasty storms on Wednesday, today would be a great day to mow.

Grass in the sky


Even though I have two teenage boys, I still enjoy mowing. Firing up the lawn mower reminds me of cutting the grass at my Grandma's house with cookies and five dollar bill waiting at the end.

Do you mow just to mow, or do you go for the Yankee Stadium look each time. Depending on the size of your lawn and how much time you are willing to put into it, you can make it look first pitch ready.

There are some simple guidelines to help get you started. According to Popular here are 9 Tips for Mowing This Summer:


Plan Your Attack - trim edges, then mow or the opposite

Cut a Wide Collar - The border, cut it wide

No Buzz Cut, Please - This could lead to weird bare spots and weeds

Watch Your Speed - Grass could be a little wet and lead to chucks uncut

Don't Look Down - Keep eyes focused 10 feet ahead

Bag the Bagging - Keeps everything cleaner and grass healthier

Alternate the Pattern - Helps the grass grow healthier and straighter

Trim Ambidextrously - Simply leads to a quicker cut

Edge and Trim at Once  - backtracking is time consuming



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