The sound of my Little league Umpire calling "Strike Three" still haunts me.

Little League Team

I was not the greatest baseball player as a kid. Did I enjoy it, sure. Having with your buddies and playing a team sport made up a good part of all of my summers.

Once I got into the final years of Little League, I found more comfort in the press booth announcing who was coming to bat next and running the scoreboard. Trust me, I loved playing baseball but I knew my days grabbing a bat were soon coming to an end at around 12 or 13.

The life of a Little League umpire is thankless. Hot and sweaty, with kids, parents and coaches yelling at you. You may even catch a baseball in the goods.

I found this video of some of the most insane Little League umps. These guys truly enjoy their jobs, and make it fun for the kids. I wonder if there are umps like this in Rockford?



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