New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski made a surprise appearance at the White House.

Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XXII - Red Carpet
Getty Images - Mike Windle

While a White House press briefing was happening, NFL star Rob Gronkowski decided to just show up and crash the party.

"Gronk" is pretty much a large teenage boy. I can imagine him farting and picking his nose in public because it's funny.

Here was my thought process, what Rockford celebrity would do an awesome job of crashing a White House press briefing? Those things don't appear to be to exciting, SNL picks them apart for our pleasure, and this Sean Spicer fella is "unique".

Here is my list of Rockford Celebrities that should interrupt a White House press briefing:

  • Rick Nielsen - This is an easy one. Rick always makes people smile, he would tell a joke and shrug his shoulders.
  • Double T - As Spicer is breaking down something really over our heads, all you hear is "What's up buddy..."
  • Scotty Bryden - The Evil Knievel outfit, enough said.
  • Illinois State Representative John Cabello - He could provide Sean Spicer and President Trump with frozen blue drinks.







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