This job has presented opportunities to me that are often unique and even more often, I'm just lucky to be around some people. This is another one of those times. Last year, I was introduced to some hard working, community-minded students from Harlem High School. They are members of the Harlem Veterans Project. The work they do with and for veterans in our area is noble and the respect they give these heroes is large and sincere. They really make me proud to know that there kids like this here in our town.

The Harlem Veterans Project is submitting a video to the White House Film Festival. These young people work hard to honor those worthy of it in our community when none of us are looking. The least we can do is spend a little time watching this excellent video showcasing some of the what they do on a regular basis. Of course, any 'Likes' to their video would be greatly appreciated by the Harlem Veterans Project.

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