Rockford old school Gamers are getting excited for the release of the Mini Super NES.

Get ready GameStop locations in Rockford, because before Christmas you're going to be bombarded with old school Gamers looking for the new Mini Super NES gaming system.

According to,

"Nintendo is planning to launch a mini version of its Super Nintendo Entertainment System in time for the holiday season."

"It follows on from the success of NES Classic Mini released last year. The console was quickly sold out because Nintendo only made a limited number of the console."

Last Christmas, I had friends searching all over the internet on Social Media, Craigslist, and Ebay to try and find one for their kids. People were paying thousands of dollars for one.

I don't think anyone thought it would be that popular and so limited. It was your typical Christmas present panic situation. As soon as a store announced they were getting a shipment, people would pounce on that store immediately.

Some customers, would even camp out for the chance to buy one. I don't think it's exactly safe camping out overnight in Rockford. I would definitely be afraid of getting robbed.

After a year of experience under their belt, game fans are going to be all over Rockford stores that will be carrying the new system.

If you're going to attempt to get one, good luck. Otherwise, I'm sure there will be plenty up on Rockford Craigslist.


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