Microbrews, meet micro-yous.

A British brewery will make you the perfect beer based on your DNA.

Anyone interested must provide a spit sample, which is sent to a genetics firm for analysis.

According to the Sun:

The test will determine whether you prefer things sweet or bitter. It picks up on propylthiouracil – a chemical similar to the bitter compounds found in cabbage, raw broccoli, coffee, tonic water and dark beers."

Meantime's brewers will then take that info and use it to create a tailor-made beer, which they will send to the customer's home -- or favorite bar (in keg form) if they're willing to pay for it.

Ah, yes, let's not forget the cost. It will run you about $32,000, which does not require any sort of DNA test to know many people will be turned off.

And do you really need a DNA test to know if you like things sweet or bitter? That seems like money poorly spent. There's an old adage that college students learn that would be wise to remember when mulling over whether or not you want to spend a fortune on studying nucleic acid that "the best beer is a free beer."

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