The Far North Side of Chicago was hit with a stern warning before this crazy weather weekend.

Man Shoveling Snow From the Front Walkway

Rogers Park Alderman Joe Moore, issued a warning to Chicago's Far North Side Residents and your neighborly duty of shoveling sidewalks or you are getting hit with a $500 fine.

According to DNAINFO those who do not follow shoveling orders will at first receive a written warning, 2nd offense will get a $500 fine.

This ordinance requires that daytime snowfall be cleared by 10 p.m. Also any overnight snowfall to be cleared by 10 a.m. the following day.

Obviously safety is the number one concern here. Someone is walking past your home or business, they slip and fall on your sidewalk and the next thing you know there is a huge lawsuit.

Good news for grandma and grandpa, if the grand kids are too lazy in this section of Chicago there is an organization called Snow Corps that will take care of it for you.


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