You can thank an accidental email for finding this out way in advance.

Best Buy sent emails out last week letting customers know that a shipment of NES Classics will be showing up to their stores.

If you don't know, the NES Classic is one of the most sought after items of the holidays. Looking just like original NES, the NES Classic is loaded up with 30 games and is priced at an affordable $60.

So who wouldn't want to get their hands on something like that? Turns out everyone wants an NES Classic. Problem is, there is really no way to get it, until now.

Nintendo To Release a Miniature NES
Business Wire

In five days, if you believe the email, Best Buy will have the NES Classic on their stores shelves.

According to Destructoid, "The clarification takes care to mention that the NES Classic consoles will only be available at their physical locations, each store will have limited quantities available, and that these will be distributed to customers on a first-come, first-served basis."

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