"Gotcha!" is what you will see on your car window.

Dixon police are using a new program to keep your valuables safe and protected.

Ladies, how many times have you left your purse in the car but just grabbed your wallet to run into the grocery store? I'm guilty of it. Just last evening I did that!

I've even left my car unlocked, not thinking, when running my errands.

This and more makes your vehicle and easy target for thieves and Dixon police are here to warn you of that.

Dixon police are walking up to vehicles and checking for valuables that are clearly seen from outside of the car. Officers will then make sure both doors and windows are secured. If they are, they move on to the next vehicle. If they are not, they "Gotcha."

johnschmidt4372 via Reddit

Officers are leaving brightly colored orange slips on the car that say "Gotcha!" in large letters on the top. They then say: "If I were a criminal, I could have taken..." and officers write a list of the things that could have been taken out of the car.

Do you think this is a positive way of informing the public of how easy it is for valuables to be stolen from cars? Or do you think if you recieved a note on your car, it's embarrassing? Let me know in the comments below.

One woman, according to WIFR, was extremely upset because an officer entered her car to hide her valuables.

I'm sure Officer Wilcox only moved the items and hid them because he was trying to prevent a crime from happening. But I do know, officer, thief or anyone else shouldn't be going in my car unless I ask or allow them to.