Rock County is the first county in the Stateline Area to offer citizens the opportunity to text 911.

Have you ever seen the movie with Halle Berry? It's called "The Call." That movie scared me half to death. It was a fantastic movie that really chilled me to the bone. Halle Berry plays a 911 operator, who takes a call from a young teenage girl that was abducted.

In one point of the film, the abductor can hear the young girl talking with the police on the phone. I thought to myself... I wish she could just text them. Turn the phone on silent and text them! (I was shouting to the television at this point in time.)

If you are in Rock County and you find yourself in an emergency, you can now text 911.

Keith Bell, ThinkStock

Northern Illinois counties are still working on this, but it's already happening in Rock County according to WIFR.

If you ever, and I sure hope you don't, find yourself in an emergency in Rock County and calling could be dangerous, for example hiding from someone, you can text 911. The first message should include as much information as possible, including an address and what's happening.

WIFR also reports that the primary reason Text to 911 is beneficial is to the more than 6,000 people in Rock County who are deaf. This makes it extremely simple for them to contact 911 when need be.

Just remember, if you can call 911 you should. Reserve the text to 911 option to when you can't.