If you are a soon-to-be first-timer in Illinois, here are different ways to consume cannabis.

I know many people have tried smoking pot at some point in their lives, but I have met quite a few that have never "inhaled." Also, there are some citizens of Illinois that will be partaking for the first time ever when recreational marijuana finally becomes legal on January 1st, 2020.

For "newbies" the whole world of weed could be very confusing. Nowadays, there are many other options besides the old puff-puff-pass. If you're a "soon-to-be" first-timer, check out these different ways to ingest cannabis.

According to chicagomag.com,

EDIBLES - These come in an ever-growing variety of forms, from chocolates and baked goods to gummies), mints, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Prices vary widely, as does the dosage per serving, so read labels carefully.

VAPE PENS - As you probably know by now, they electrically heat cannabis oil, held in a cylindrical cartridge, to create an inhalable vapor. They’re clean, quick, and discreet what you wish you had at that Van Halen concert in 1982. Most dispensaries sell preloaded disposable pens, as well as cartridges for reusable ones. 

CONCENTRATES - Known variously as dabs, shatter, and waxes, concentrates are usually consumed by vaporizing. But unlike vaping oils, concentrates are much stronger and tend to require a complicated and expensive apparatus called a dab rig. This is a consumption method for connoisseurs only: A single hit can be up to five times as potent as one from a joint.

TINCTURES - A dilution of concentrated cannabis oil or a cannabis-infused alcohol distillate, tinctures can be taken as drops under the tongue or in food or drink. Not to be confused with topicals, or THC-infused balms and lotions, which are applied to the skin to relieve pain in muscles and joints.

FLOWER - This is the smokable dried and cured buds of the cannabis plant essentially, what you used to get in a dime bag. Dispensaries typically sell flower by the eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) in airtight, childproof bottles. Prices range depending on the quality and rarity of the strain.

PREROLLED JOINTS - These are perfect if you like a sociable smoking experience (without the hassle of rolling your own) and don’t mind your clothes smelling like weed. Prerolls are most often sold as individual one-gram joints; prices range depending on the strain.

CAPSULES - Usually filled with concentrated cannabis in liquid or powder form, capsules aren’t the sexiest consumption method, but they’re great if you don’t want to smoke or are counting calories. A bottle contains anywhere from 10 to 40 pills.

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