The Beer Nuts capital of the world is Illinois, did you know that?

Learn Something New Every Day

I like to learn new things whenever possible. Something every day would be great but it does not always happen. I especially like to find out information about my city, Rockford, and state, Illinois. Usually, I discovered stuff that I had absolutely no idea about.

What I Learned Today About Illinois

Today, I learned a fun fact about food. Illinois is the Beer Nuts capital of the world. In Fact, Bloomington, Illinois is the only place in the entire world where Beer Nuts are actually made. They are still a family-owned and operated business. They ship products to all fifty states and many different countries all over the world.



More Info About Beer Nuts

According to,

"Our secret family recipe has its roots somewhere in Bloomington, Illinois, smack-dab in the middle of the good ol’ US of A."


"Russell Shirk packaged peanuts and other specialty nuts for the family restaurant/confectionary and two local liquor stores."


"With a catchy name and smart distribution, word got out and over a half-century later, the Shirks are still selling ’em across the land." 


Beer Nuts features a variety of products including nuts, mixes, gift packs, and even merchandise. There is an online store available for purchases so you do not even have to leave your couch to shop for them. Check it out, HERE.

Video: BEER NUTS brand snacks - History and Plant Tour

Of Course, You Need Beer With Beer Nuts

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