Rockford has hosted hundreds and hundreds of Easter egg hunts over the years, from "The Undertaker" and his world-record setting amount of Easter eggs a few years ago, to church egg hunts, and the traditional backyard egg hunts. Occasionally, those egg-gathering parties have had to deal with Mother Nature--but usually in the form of rain.

Thinking back to stashing eggs around the yard for our kids, the only "problems" we ever had involved the older child being quicker than his younger sibling at grabbing eggs, and the several times that all the eggs weren't found until around August.

We never had to deal with invaders, unlike Katie and Micah Joffee, a Virginia couple whose home security camera system revealed the culprit behind the theft of the Easter eggs that Katie and Micah had hidden outside for their kids--a sneaky fox. Out of 35 eggs the couple had hidden, the fox got away with 30 of them, and left behind 5 chewed up eggs.

Same thing for Aussie Shaun Williams, as his yard was visited by a fox, too. Shaun says that the fox not only ate the candy, but it ate everything except the shells, including foil and that plastic fake grass.

Shaun grabbed some footage from his home security camera system, and boiled it down to a time-lapse video:

So, did anyone in the Rock River Valley have to share their Easter goodies with a four-legged thief?

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