During the Chicago Bears game, Fox showed a slow-motion replay video that was really sick.

If you've watched football or any sports on TV in the past several years, I'm sure you've seen the creative things the networks do to keep the coverage interesting.

Before going to commercial, Fox will run some slow-motion footage of the players.

I was watching the Bears game on Sunday and one of those segments grossed me out. They showed Chicago's Akim Hicks blowing his nose. I'm not talking politely into a tissue. This is squeezing your nose and letting it fly into the air.

Luckily, thanks to Social Media, I have it to share. Thanks to ftw.usatoday.comvia Gfycat. You might want to skip watching if you have a weak stomach.

I think Mr. Hicks will get a pass from the fans considering the big win against the Packers.


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