How to Dye Easter Eggs in Your Instant Pot
Instant pots have SO MANY USES. It's kind of insane how much you can do with that instant pot you have in your kitchen.
Sure it's great for shredded chicken, stuffed peppers, or any other meal you want to throw in there in the morning and not think about all day...
Egg Hunt Getting Foxy
Rockford has hosted hundreds and hundreds of Easter egg hunts over the years, from "The Undertaker" and his world-record setting amount of Easter eggs a few years ago, to church egg hunts, and the traditional backyard egg hunts. Occasionally, those egg-gathering parties have had to…
6 New Quirky Illinois Laws
We recently told you about some new Illinois laws that will take in effect in 2017, now comes some odd ones that will be on the books as of January 1st.
How to Reheat Leftovers
Leftovers can tasted just as good (and sometimes better) the next day if you know how to reheat them properly.
Eagle Watching (Live Video Feed)
Everyone loves to eagle watch. It's impossible not to sit silently and watch them soar, fish or just sit on a high branch. This unique view is of a mating pair of bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa. There were three eggs laid and all three chicks are now growing at a rapid pace with new meals of fish…