Come Christmastime, there’s nothing quite like sharing in the generous Yuletide spirit by singing a few carols, trading presents, and getting completely wasteycakes-drunk with all your favorite coworkers. Unrestrained bacchanalian debauchery is the reason for the season this year in the Office Christmas Party trailer, picking up where the drug-fueled shenanigans of last year’s The Night Before left off. Pour yourself a glass of eggnog, spike it with some additional alcohol, pop a tab of Ecstasy in there if you’re feeling particularly merry, and buckle up for the bumpiest sleigh ride of the year.

Finances are dire, and CEO Carol (Jennifer Aniston) is prepared to shutter her company’s worst-performing branch if her feckless brother Clay (T.J. Miller) can’t get it together and land a major client (Courtney B. Vance). A $14 million account stands between the desk drones and certain doom, so to clinch the client’s business, they decide to impress him with an anything-goes wintertime blowout, complete with vodka and tequila water coolers. As is generally the case with office Christmas parties, it runs way off the rails in short order.

Jason Bateman, Kate McKinnon, and Jillian Bell all round out the cast, with McKinnon apparently slipping back into the “wild card nerd” role she originated in this summer’s Ghostbusters remake. “I love America!” she screams, as her car careens through the air and into the glass ceiling of a building. (Perhaps as a slyly satirical comment on women’s positions in the workplace? You know, because of the glass ceiling?) We do too, Blacked-out Christmastime Kate McKinnon. We do too.

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