Daxx Nielsen from Cheap Trick discusses his upcoming show with The Nielsen Trust.

I personally miss live concerts very much. That's what I do with my spear time. I go to shows. I had several scheduled that didn't happen including The Nielsen Trust. I'm sure I would have checked out Cheap Trick and Blackberry Smoke at some point too.

I've seen stories from around the world on how different venues are putting together concerts in a safe environment. I was hoping someone would try one here. My wish has been granted and I didn't even have to ask a genie.


I had a chance to chat with Daxx Nielsen about it. If you missed the interview, check it out now...

Video: Daxx Nielsen from Cheap Trick Discusses The Nielsen Trust

Earlier I had the opportunity to have Miles Nielsen on my show, HERE.

For more info about the show, HERE.

Video: Talking Tacos With Daxx Nielsen From Cheap Trick

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