The story of Emily Dull Anderson has gone national.


Photo Courtesy of Cait Duuell
Photo Courtesy of Cait Dull

"Something isn't right". The story that has been on many local resident's hearts and minds, has gone national.

We just don't understand how someone and a car can just disappear into thin air, everyone who knows our family knows this isn't typical. Emily wouldn't just leave. - Cait Dull

Emily was last seen was in the early hours on June 19 after getting off work at Shooters North. There was a stop at Steak & Shake, and that's the last anyone heard of her.

Love Park Police Department is currently investigating, Sgt. Michael Landman was quoted as saying:

"We are using every tool available. It’s obviously frustrating for the family, because there aren’t any answers, if people do have information, we’re available 24/7 to take it. And people being as descriptive as possible is important when giving that information.”

If anyone with information regarding Emily please call the Love Park Police Department at (815) 654-5015.


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