An episode of a locally produced sitcom was written by Emily Ann Dull.

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

I received a message from Wyatt Elliott (Notebook Movies) last night about a special episode of the locally produced show called FML. This is what Wyatt told me:

This episode of our FML series was written by Emily Anne Dull a couple of years ago. We decided to produce it and cast it with her close friends and dedicate it to her and her family.

As the community prepares for a celebration of Emily's life this weekend, we here at 96.7 The Eagle will be going "Purple for Emily". Our website will be purple for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for Emily. We ask that you add some purple to your social media this weekend as well.

The title of the episode of FML you are about to watch is, "FML Tales From FMyLife FAN EPISODE #1 Everything I Want To Bieb". Here are the YouTube notes about this episode:

This episode is very special to us, because it was written by our dear friend Emily Dull, who recently and unexpectedly passed away. We recently re-discovered it and wanted to make it in her honor, starring her friends. This episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Emily Anne Dull.



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