It was two years ago today that a car was pulled from the Rock River (near Route 251 and McDonald Road, about a half mile south of the Roscoe Bridge) and the body of Emily Anderson was found inside.

No answers, nothing in two years. You hear rumors and peoples "thoughts" about what happened the night Emily went missing. But without an official word from authorities, we are all left in the dark.

After speaking with her sister, two years later this is what we know:

  • Still an open case
  • Cause of death still ruled as unknown
  • Still around 40 minutes unaccounted for from when she left Neighbors at 2 am to when she was in Steak n Shake and ordered her food at 2:40 am.
  • Her car was on and in neutral when it was found in the river

If you have ANY information about this situation, ANYTHING at all, contact authorities:

Loves Park Police (815) 654-5015

Machesney Park Police (815) 877-5432

Rockton Police (815) 624-8881

Roscoe Police (815) 623-7338

Rockford Police (815) 966-2900



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