I always think of the Flintstones episode, when Fred becomes a gambler..."Bet, Bet, Bet, BET, BET!!"

The Chicago Cubs have teamed up with Draft Kings to build the countries largest sportsbook, at Wrigley Field. BleacherNation 

This would also be the first sports betting spot AT a major sports venue, wow!

“An increasing number of sports fans want to integrate sports betting into their game experience, and we’re excited to be one of the first to engage in developing a retail sportsbook at a professional sports venue.” - Chicago Cubs President of Business Operations, Crane Kenney

The specific location hasn't been released, but the Chicago Cubs have plenty of room to build and grow. The once "Captain Morgan's Club" (Addison and Sheffield) or even over by the new family area and stores. This gamble, will lead to tons more foot traffic and some big time dollars.

Once fans and baseball returns in 2021, this could be a lot of fun. Place a few fun wages as you walk into Wrigley Field? Sign me up.

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