Recently someone successfully swam across the Hoover Dam, do you think that would be possible across the Rock River in Rockford?

Show me something that is dangerous to do and I'll show you someone crazy enough to try it.

According to the,

"A man reportedly has become the first person in history to survive swimming across the Hoover Dam."

I've been there and the thought of trying a stunt like that just seems ridiculous.

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That made me ask myself the question...

Has anyone ever swam across the Rock River in Rockford?

Not that I have ever heard about. If you know of anyone that has done it or at least tried, please let me know.

I've stood on the dock on Prairie Street Brewhouse and thought about it. Could someone successfully swim across the Rock River? I'm a pretty good swimmer and I wouldn't even think about trying it. I won't even jump in that river to cool off.

Here are some factors you have to consider.

  • It's a lot farther away than it looks.
  • There's a strong current pulling you down river.
  • Boat traffic.
  • Water temperature.
  • Pollution.
  • No place to stop and rest.

I definitely don't suggest anyone even trying.

Do you know anyone that would be crazy enough to try after a couple of beers? If you do, please keep them away from the river.


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