A college in Illinois is rated one of the top 20 party schools in the nation.

Do you have a son or daughter getting ready to graduate from high school and starting to look at colleges?

Before you write that check for thousands of dollars, you might want to check out this list of schools. Nothing's worse than having your child kicked out of college after only one semester.


From coed.com"Top 20 party schools in the nation."

Since we are in the Midwest, many students have the desire to attend a Big 10 school. Well, the three closest ones that kids from Rockford would consider attending made that list.

  • #14 - University of Illinois

Video: Movie Risky Business "University of Illinois Party Reference"

  • #5 - University of Wisconsin

Video: Back To School Party Scene (filmed at University of Wisconsin)

  • #11 - University of Iowa

Video: University Of Iowa "Party Video"

You may want to save some money and send your future college student to Rock Valley College.

Or you can try to push them to attend a school on this list from cnbc.com "Schools Where Students Study The Most." 

There is even one close to us.

  • #6 - University of Chicago

No matter where they go to school, you don't want them to end up like Comedian Bob Zany.

Video: Zany Report from Comedian Bob Zany


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