Hey guys, I don't think Cody Parkey is ever going to be able to come back to Chicago. 

Our latest Cody Parkey shaming video is courtesy of the University of Illinois Baseball team.

The kicker in question is Ryan Haff. A redshirt senior for the Illinois baseball team. His baseball stats are pretty mediocre but he has a cannon for a leg.

The school even gave him a nod on their official team website.


Right after the playoff loss, I thought that Cody Parkey might have a chance to kick for the Bears again next year. After seeing the aftermath in the past two and a half weeks I'm not so sure. I still think he CAN be an effective kicker but I'm not so sure the collective psyche of Chicago can handle it.

Congrats to Mr. Huff for becoming viral for a moment at the expense of Parkey. He wasn't the first to do it and I guarantee that he won't be the last.

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