Many dream to be on television, yet this 9-year-veteran has decided to leave the spotlight to drive a car.

Have you ever wanted to be on television? Many people would love the opportunity to be on screen, but one news anchor in Chicago has decided enough is enough.

According to WGNAnthony Ponce who has been working for NBC in Chicago for the last 9 years has decided to quit his job.

The way he quit his job has since gone viral. He posted the video below on his Facebook page. It has since been shared almost 800,000 times!

He decided to quit after a lot of soul searching and has decided to drive a Lyft car. If you are not familiar with what a Lyft car is, it is very similar to Uber, or a taxi cab.

Here he can continue to entertain without the high pressures of news and daily makeup.

I think this has a fantastic message behind it.

Why not? Get out, live a little and take risks. Don't ever be afraid to try something new, even just once.

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