In the United States, Chicago is number one for bed bugs.

Even though Chicago has some issues, I still enjoy going into the city. There are so many interesting things to do. It is fun to go in and stay overnight during the weekend. I like to say it is good to "blow the stink off you." Sometimes, it is nice to get out of town for a couple of days.

Like any big city, you have to be careful and watch out where you go. The Windy City also has problems with rodents and pests. I really do not like bugs. They freak me out. The last thing I want to see while visiting Chicago is anything like that. I have a nightmare scenario where I have to stay in a hotel that is infested with bed bugs. It grosses me out.

From what I recently found out, I think it will be a long time before a spend the night in a hotel in Chicago again.

According to,

"Bed bugs are every city-dweller's biggest fear, and new data suggests that the issue isn't confined to just NYC and LA. Pest control company Orkin compiled a list of the 50 most bed bug–infested cities in the US right now, revealing that some metropolitan areas aren't as immune as you'd expect. This year, a new metropolis takes its place as the country's biggest hotbed for infestation: Chicago." 

That is definitely not an honor that any city wants. Hopefully, it is a problem they can fix quickly.

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