Valentine's Day 2021 is in the books, but that doesn't mean the love fest is over.

Especially not for one Chicago couple who were celebrating their 20th anniversary of their first date. The couple had their first date at Club Lucky in Bucktown, and they returned 20 years later on February 12th to celebrate the special anniversary.

The owner of Club Lucky Jim Higgins says the couple has been visiting the eatery Feb. 12 each year to mark the anniversary of their first date. In fact, the couple comes back on the exact date and time of their first date, February 12, and sit at the same exact booth.

But their server got quite the surprise once the couple was done celebrating for the night. Eddie Cruz, a bartender and server at the restaurant, closed out the couple's tab Friday night and was shocked to see they had left a $2,000 tip.

The couple also left a really sweet note along with the tip.

How adorable and generous is that? They were feeling the love and they wanted to spread some of it. The restaurant owner said the couple requested to have the tip split among the Club Lucky staff. He also said since the couple's first date, he's given them an indefinite standing reservation.

He told ABC7 -

That booth is his booth: February 12 at 7:30 p.m. - booth 46. As long as Club Lucky is here, that table will be there for them.

So let this story inspire you to spread some love today.


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